IGNITX offers a variety of services for Organisations depending on their needs and strategic plans. Services are delivered via onsite and remote cooperation, from the start of our partnership until the project and its reports are concluded.

Focus streams & services

IGNITX works with two main focus streams: Event Management and Safeguarding in Sport. For both of these streams, we deliver consultancy, operations and educational services.

Events management

Expertly supporting the international sports community to grant successful delivery of sports events worldwide


  • Multifaceted and integrated perspective of the entire sport event life cycle
  • Deep understanding of client's need
  • Experience in all sizes of organisations
  • Customisable solutions


  • Vast and proactive growth in knowledge of sport event processes and technology systems
  • Experience in being creative when faced with adversities and limited resources
  • Practical and resourceful team
  • Offers turn-key solutions


  • Legacy builder by upskilling event managers during projects
  • Tailored solutions to specific needs
  • Strong foundation to all projects

Safeguarding in sport

Impartially supporting the international sports community to grant a safe spot environment for all


  • Assessment of organisations status
  • Creation and/or modernisation of statutes and bylaws
  • Impartiality
  • Risk factors probability assessment


  • Turn-key solutions customised to sports event
  • Unique venue safe sport certification
  • Operation of reporting system


  • Tool-kit solutions for easy implementation
  • Cater to all levels of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder's mindset change

Join us on a journey of discovering the optimum solution for your needs.

Together, we can create a living and evolving legacy for your teams and for your projects. Through our shared passion and determination, we can ignite inspiration, curiousity and creativity as we work hand in hand, catalyzing evolution and growth.