IGNITX and Iventis are delighted to announce their partnership to support major events around the world to create efficiencies in their planning process.

Iventis is a web-based collaborative planning platform that can be made available to all employees and relevant stakeholders to build, develop, share and manage plans. This fits seamlessly with IGNITX's mission to continuously influence change for the benefit of event organisers. Our collective of international sport event professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 major sporting events over the past decade provides specialised consultancy along with active and integrated support of project delivery.

Planning an event with Iventis is simple. The platform provides a place where organisers from different functional areas can come together and share their plans. With everything stored in a central location, event organisers will be able to save time, reduce mistakes and eventually reduce costs.

IGNITX Co-Founder, Xuan Ming Ng said: "IGNITX is excited to work with Iventis who infuse experience and expertise into their innovative tools, offering opportunities for efficiencies, synergies and integration that are at the heart of any successful event or organisation. This will enable the addressing of the universal challenges of integration between stakeholders, organising committees and clients. By enhancing our processes through Iventis' intuitive tools which also allow for in-depth and complex work, we can anticipate evolutions in a culture of cooperation and mutual empowerment. We look forward to igniting change with Iventis."

Iventis' founder and CEO Joe Cusdin said "We're delighted to be partnering with the team at IGNITX. Their experience, expertise and global reach will help us to bring the benefits of our platform to many more major events around the world. We look forward to working with them closely."

If you would like to learn more about Iventis visit iventis.co.uk. To discuss collaboration opportunities, email info@ignitx.events or info@iventis.co.uk.

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