IGNITX and ESBS European Sport Business School have come together with a common interest in professional growth and self-development. Centred on the objective of nurturing accountable and conscientious sport managers, IGNITX and ESBS are launching a mentorship program.

The mentorship program is a first of its kind for both IGNITX and ESBS and will last 6-months starting in March.

IGNITX is an international team of passionate Games experts providing specialised consultancy services in combination with active and integrated support of project delivery. The team is formed by event professionals called IGNITERS who are experienced, knowledgeable and capable experts that have successfully delivered a wide range of sport events.

ESBS European Sport Business School is a business school specialised in the sports industry. ESBS provides courses that allows students to face the current and future challenges of the sports industry, transmitting in a practical way the knowledge of business science that can be applied to sports management and digital transformation.

Ten (10) IGNITERS have volunteered to participate in this pilot program as mentors to help guide ten (10) ESBS students who are aspiring to graduate and work in the sports industry.

IGNITX and ESBS are also in conversation to establish a long-term partnership to ensure the continuation of the mentorship program, provide networking opportunities for ESBS students and to find educational synergies between the theoretical and practical applications in the sports industry.

In IGNITX, we have always believed in the power of sharing knowledge and creating opportunities for fresh minds to improve and innovate the sports events world. We are proud of this philosophy. With this collaboration with ESBS, we are fulfilling one of our mission statements and forging ahead to reach our vision.

Join us on a journey of discovering the optimum solution for your needs.

Together, we can create a living and evolving legacy for your teams and for your projects. Through our shared passion and determination, we can ignite inspiration, curiousity and creativity as we work hand in hand, catalyzing evolution and growth.