IGNITX announces Wiz-Team as a Strategic Partner

September 18, 2020

Following our partnership announcement with WeTrack last month, we are delighted to officially announce Wiz-Team as our Strategic Partner. Identifying Wiz-Team as a Strategic Partner of IGNITX allows both IGNITX and Wiz-Team to continuously work on developing and improving business processes in events and enhance the overall performance of Wiz-Team’s Event Management System for the benefit of event organisers. Having a knowledgeable and trusted partner like Wiz-Team ensures that event organisers benefit from a flexible and versatile system delivered by a partner that shares the same values, principles, and work ethics.

IGNITX has worked hand in hand with Wiz-Team for two projects; at the 2019 Longines Master Season V Series in Paris and the Boxing Road to Tokyo Qualifying Events.

During these challenging times, both Wiz-Team and IGNITX have been and are currently working together on several strategic projects together. Our knowledge and experience in the event industry in combination with Wiz-Team’s data and technical know-how is proving to be very effective and productive in our journey to influence positive change and cost-effective solutions in the market.

Li Neo Tay, Co-Founder of IGNITX: “I first started working with Event-Works during the ANOC World Beach Games and it was a breath of fresh air. You rarely find this kind of flexibility and versatility in a system. Thus, when IGNITX was established, Event-Works naturally became our preferred Event Management System and today we are proud to call them our Strategic Partner.

Johann Woringer, CEO/Founder of Wiz-Team: “We started working with IGNITX in 2019 and they were instrumental in delivering a great event with limited resources in an incredibly short timing. Having seen firsthand their expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to provide the best service, we decided to work together to bring a breath of fresh air to event management technology and delivery. Stay tuned as we are working together on exciting solutions in sport entries, accreditations and accommodation.”

The heart of a system lies in the qualities of its creators and Johann is testament to that. His sincerity and hunger to strive for perfection is the key to Event-Works continuous improvement to ensure that the solution reduces the workload and cost for an event by making the system work for us instead of the other way around. We are honored to be regarded as Wiz-Team’s preferred delivery partner.”

IGNITX and Wiz-Team are united under ONE strong word: #EMPOWERMENT.

About Wiz-Team

Created in 2012, Wiz-Team is the solution provider for Event and Games management software. From the head offices in Lausanne (Switzerland) and with registered subsidiaries in Belgium and Ukraine and a global presence with its partners, they empower event managers with software, consultancy and delivery services for world class events for the sport, corporate and IGOs/NGOs industries. With over 15 years of experience in event management platforms and managing event-related projects, Wiz-Team delivers real world solutions for managing events.

Through Event-Works, a SaaS (Software as a Service) and all-in-one event management platform, designed by event managers for event managers, Wiz-Team provides a flexible and scalable solution to empower event professionals to manage events. Its modular approach means Event-Works is highly scalable and can easily be tailored without external help to cater for various event types.

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