Safeguarding, a MUST in SPORT

November 12, 2020

IGNITX deeply condemns any kind of harassment and abuse. Sport is a beacon of hope, unity, celebration, excellence, aspiration, dedication, friendship and respect and it serves as a powerful tool to educate the youth of the world to become the best versions of themselves.

Recent events have shown that the sanctuary of sport has been inflicted by malicious, cruel and damaging actions, which are completely unacceptable and go against every value that the ideals of sport stands for. Young athletes everywhere are at risk.

It is up to us, the international sports community to stand strong and united against any kind of harassment and abuse in sport, and any kind of abuse for that matter. The movement to take formidable measures to ensure that these harmful actions are eradicated is already in action. This includes the development of robust tools and dissemination of information to all stakeholders to recognise, approach and protect athletes. These measures are critical to ensure that all athletes can practise and enjoy the experience of sport without fear.

As part of the international sports community, IGNITX acknowledges and fully supports the movement and is joining in by launching IGNITX Safeguarding, an initiative which is aligned with the cause. With the backbone of experienced legal, psychology and event professionals, IGNITX Safeguarding will offer solutions for international and national organisations by supporting and furnishing them with the necessary tools to protect their athletes. Education will be core to our solutions to raise awareness in the implementation.

IGNITX aims to provide guidance and reinforce sport organisations with their safeguarding policies and processes including those related when organising events. In addition to that, IGNITX plans to establish a safe and secure communication channel for any type of claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing absolute anonymity.

IGNITX is committed to support sport organisations foster a safe environment for sport for all generations to come.

Let’s all ensure that sports is SAFE. Are you in?

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