IGNITX and Quantum Consultancy partner to advocate evidence-based and objective-led strategy development in event hosting

November 10, 2020

IGNITX is continuously seeking to improve specific areas of the events industry and an important driver for improvement can be seen in the increased use of data. With data as the key word, IGNITX is proud to partner with Edinburgh-based Quantum Consultancy, a research and evaluation services company that provides data-driven consulting solutions to the events industry.

Together with Quantum Consultancy, IGNITX aims to engage event owners and organisers to evidence the benefits of evaluating their events and encourage them to implement an objective-led framework from the outset.

Through Quantum Consultancy’s extensive knowledge of data, research and evaluation strategies, coupled with IGNITX’s collective experience of major event professionals from all over the world, educational offerings will be developed which aim to support event organisers to make optimal use of resources whilst planning cost-effective and sustainable events.

Gustavo Harada, Co-Founder at IGNITX, commented, “Sustainable and assertive are words that are now frequent in the major events market. Organisers must find effective solutions for the delivery of large events, ensuring that all stakeholders can maximise positive impacts whilst ensuring that initial commitments are delivered upon. That can only be achieved with a clear understanding of where you stand, how you are performing and of course, your final results. That is done with a serious and committed measuring system, and Quantum Consultancy is the player to deliver you just that.”

Colin Stewart, Co-Founder and Director, Consulting of Quantum Consultancy added, “We are delighted to partner with the team at IGNITX given our shared values and commitment to ensuring that the events industry can maximise positive impacts through the use of data. Given that the gatekeepers of the data required to evaluate event impact are event professionals such as those within the IGNITX network, we see a clear opportunity to work together to encourage the adoption of data within the industry.

With a common mission to provide advocacy and thought-leadership in the area of evidence-based and objective-led strategy development, IGNITX and Quantum Consultancy seek to support the events industry to maximise the full potential of hosting events.

Quantum Consultancy also recently featured in our #IGNITXknowledge “What is…” series where they addressed the importance of objective-led strategies in event evaluation to allow for events to be better planned and implemented in the future.

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