With our passion, we hope to ignite inspiration, curiosity and creativity as we work together and thus catalyse evolution and growth. We will not be content to simply fall back on old formulas but join you on an adventure of discovering the optimum solutions for your needs.

Together, we can create a living and evolving legacy for your teams and for your projects.

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Be an Igniter

IGNITX is 100% based on people, it is the core of its value and recognition. Passionate, capable, responsible, committed people, who are always seeking to deliver with excellence to our partners.

All IGNITERS have at one given point in time worked directly with one of the four founders, granted that they have the same drive and love for sports and events.

In order to become an IGNITER, it is mandatory that the new applicants work directly with a founder or one of the IGNITERS in a project

Application process

Submit your resume curriculum vitae (CV) with all your details, education, language skills and experience, a motivation letter, showing why IGNITX is the right place for you, your objectives and how you fit into our core values and beliefs, two (2) reference letters from people you have worked with, or that have shared experiences with you (past work experiences, education, volunteering, etc) and specify your specialities and areas of interest
IGNITX will engage you on a project when an opening becomes available that fits your experience and objectives
After the completion of the project, your application and performance will be evaluated by the four (4) founders, and if your work and values match IGNITX, you will be invited to become part of the IGNITX family

If you think differently, want to innovate and strive to develop the sports and events market then :


Join us on a journey of discovering the optimum solution for your needs.

Together, we can create a living and evolving legacy for your teams and for your projects. Through our shared passion and determination, we can ignite inspiration, curiousity and creativity as we work hand in hand, catalyzing evolution and growth.